amy winehouse to launch a perfume?

@Ritchelle (3797)
July 27, 2009 3:43am CST
we all know this award winning performer had been through a tough time and a talent like hers deserves a break but...launch a perfume? during her drug hay den days her hygiene was the one made fun of and even if no one made fun of that when a person does coke in the middle of her act on stage do you still think that that person still can afford to take a shower? launch a perfume...
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@Wizzywig (7859)
27 Jul 09
Lets face it, if its a "celebrity" (and I use that term in its current loose context) perfume, then the herds will go out and buy it even if it smells like a combination of skunk's wee and stale vomit! So, it doesn't really matter what sort of image is behind it. It'll make money and that's the main objective.
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@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
29 Jul 09
. you're very much right in that respect. if it is a familiar face and it also happens to be a celebrity people would buy whatever product that face is pushing. however, with the cost of perfume nowadays and during these hard times it still makes me wonder where are the educated ones gone? i mean, mostly and surely, the ones who have the money to buy scents and just use their loose coins are the ones with ka-ching. or is the world really going nowhere with a lot of people having little and spending a lot?
@Wizzywig (7859)
30 Jul 09
I think a lot of people are tempted to spend beyond their means because credit is so readily available. Also, the media hype convinces people that they must have 'designer' or label good and they must have them NOW! The fact that many of our current senior citizens have worked hard all their lives to save in preparation for their old age and are offered far less assistance (& consequently have a poorer existence) than those who spend everything and then rely on the state somewhat discourages the principal of deferred gratification. (IMHO)