Presidents and People

@laydee (12813)
July 27, 2009 8:31pm CST
I'm not going to talk about politics, but there's just a funny scenario I was thinking about a few moments ago. It was funny because I can't believe how people get so low most of the times. I didn't really hear what our President said during her State of the Nation's Address (because I was at work and very busy that day). However, I can't believe how people would just criticize every single statement she'd say. I saw how my friends and peers have flooded our facebook with their qualms and criticisms. I mean if they don't really like her that much, why did they bother listening? It sometimes is truly saddening to be around negative people who could only see the bad effects of everything instead of trying to see beyond. Anyway, perhaps that's why countries are not really successful at alleviating themselves with poverty, because people want it fast, they are all leaders and no one is left to follow.
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@katran (590)
• United States
28 Jul 09
I for one cannot understand why people get so uptight and upset when people criticize the president/government. I think it is a sign of a good government that people are able to criticize their leader and go over everything he/she says with a fine-toothed comb. Can you imagine how it must have been back before television and internet when people did not know everything that their leaders were doing? They would not have known if their freedoms were being violated or if their country was being destroyed until it was too late! I think it is a blessing that we are able to look closely at our leader's actions and decide whether we agree or disagree. And it is perfectly within anyone's rights to disagree. I think it is taking advantage of that wonderful freedom to suggest that people should stop exercising it.
• Philippines
28 Jul 09
Yes, this is so true. That's why yesterday, I didn't bother watching her SONA, because I don't wanna feel more negative about it. I am sorry though, that I haven't watched when my Persons and Family Relations professor, Atty. Mylene Amerol-Macumbal, who topped second in the latest bar exam, was recognized. That would have been one of my proudest moments.
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