what are u doing an hour ago.

@shhheila (1847)
July 28, 2009 10:55am CST
an hour ago, i was watching tv and i got bored and went online to do some readings and now im here on mylot. hehehe. what a life.
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• Indonesia
28 Jul 09
An hour ago I pour a glass of fruit punch juice while send text message to my bf and start typing here on mylot,,lol,, Now I've finished drink my juice. I think i'll go to sleep now^^, it's late night now in my contry.. yeah, what a life but it's better here than not doing anything^^,,
@tessl87 (126)
• Singapore
28 Jul 09
i have been surfing the net for the pass 2 hours.. Haha this thread make me start reflecting on my time spent today
@Wizzywig (7859)
28 Jul 09
I was in the supermarket scouring the shelves for bargains! I got 2x4 Angus steak beefburgers which were originally priced at £4 per pack(yeah, right, no wonder they were reduced to £1); 2 pieces of mature cheddar marked down from £2.35 each to 49p each; 2 chocolate muffin desserts (£1 each down to 25p each). My next job is to iron my uniform for work tomorrow
• India
28 Jul 09
i m went to temple just for one hour before and then enter into home . After that watching tv for 10 mintues . Then start my computer and checking mails and then enter into mylot . today my earnings is not updated . i dont know what is the reason for not updating