How many language do you know?

July 30, 2009 6:47am CST
How many languages can a person afford to learn and practise? I mean I know five and I am not that bright!! Is it difficult to learn a language that is not your mothertongue or even remotely doesnt resemble it???
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• Japan
30 Jul 09
Chinese(mother tongue) Japanese(live in Japan for 20 years) English(learn for 15 years) German(half a year) French(several months) Spanish(a little)
• India
31 Jul 09
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@seymiss (627)
6 Aug 09
Hi There! Speak creole (my mother tongue) French English Spanish & Italian a little And can understand the other creole language from mauritius & gwadeloupe If you have the passion for languages it doesn't seem difficult at all and there's nosuch thing as someone who is bad at languages.They just haven't found the right way to learn Cheers!
• India
30 Jul 09
I know to read, write and understand three languages. I know to read, write and understand Hindi, which is our national language. I know to read, write and understand Bengali which is my mother tongue. And I also know English as well. Apart from these three I understand a little bit of German and Sanskrit as well, but not proficient in them.
• Philippines
30 Jul 09
I know 4 languages, Filipino, Bisaya, Chinese and English. Yes i think it's hard because as we grow old, our memory grows old too. I think it will be easy if you have the passion of learning new languages.