can a woman/man with a big nose still attractive?

@shhheila (1847)
July 31, 2009 1:39am CST
for me its unique, uniqueness means attractive and beautiful inside and outside. physical beauty is not important, its the personality!
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@roberten (3131)
• United States
31 Jul 09
shhheila, love is truly in the eyes of the beholder so, yes, it is totally possible that one can be attractive even with a large nose. Luckily we all have different tastes; there is someone for everybody. Physical beauty does attract initially but inner beauty is what produces long-term happiness; too much value is often placed on outer beauty.
• United States
6 Nov 11
You are so beautiful with your nose! My nose is big maybe more I don't know and extra pointy when i look sideways. The hardest part for me is when people sneak and photograph it and laugh with friends as though they got away with something and this happened in church as well TWICE! I thought about a nose job. I also hear God saying keep your head-up you are beautiful but when i do that that other part happens. Its hard! I hear mentality my soon to be ex-husband say about my ugliness, nose, and peoples laughter and comments hurt so bad. My four children love me in thinks i'am beautiful. I pray for them and all those who are against me and surely myself but it still hurts! thanks for letting me rant appreciate it and Jesus be with you
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
31 Jul 09
hello there! yes i still believe that a man/ woman with big nose is still attractive for as long as he/she knows how to carry himself/herself with such limitation--it's just a matter of projection that a man/woman becomes attractive. good day!
@srganesh (6349)
• India
31 Jul 09
Yes!I have seen a beautiful girl with a big nose.But that nose doesn't reduce her beauty as the other parts of the face balance the same.She has small eyes and lengthy lips.Her face is somewhat oval and she has curly hairs.In total,she looks like an angel and the nose adds charm to that face despite the big size.Cheers!