why does FILIPINO remain POOR!

July 31, 2009 9:49am CST
this is only just my opinion, anybody are welcome to react, support or scrutinize me with the way i figured and criticize my fellowmen! i am a filipino, yet when i figured something about the ways, traits and how filipino behaved...i was hurt and ashamed asking myself, do i still want to be a filipino? if only i could change my citizenship at once, i would have, yet my being filipino had been encoded in my genes, i can do nothing but accept shamefully my being. here are some of the things i figured out when i was on my way home...my attention was caught when some bulk of people circling around a store. i was surprised then when i figured out that they were waiting for the afternoon lotto result to come out... i have nothing against buying lotto tickets because i do buy some luck. my cocern is...there are some elite individuals who were trying to finance winning numbers from people who are not actually buying tickets to the legal lotto outlets. instead, they form sets of persons called coordinators talleying the numbers with the people's beats and collectors to collect the beats and give it to their respective financers. i pitty some kids whom their parents can hardly provide food for the family, yet they indulge in this unnecessary, unworthy, time consuming, financially troubling activity that filipino people are fund of. how can they withstand hunger when they rely purely on luck...i beat them all...there are more badlucks than good ones. those financers are getting richer while the poorest person were getting poorer that even to his last centavo he offered it for beatings! there are also media men inticing their listeners to beat there given numbers promising them to win...sad thing is, instead of promoting good characters to their listeners, they promote GAMBLING instead... then on, i envy other races because they remained focussed and steadfast in uplifting their ways of living and have a happy life with their family!
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@LiAXaZu (184)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
i think the reason why we are poor is because we think we are. if Filipinos are poor then how the hell can they afford those expensive cups of coffee when they can make those same coffee blends at home? or whatever. no offense but i'm already tired of Filipinos saying that they are ashamed to be Filipinos. i mean even if they become citizens of other countries, they would still be Filipinos and there's nothing they can do about it. may be the reason for this is our point of reference. we are always (insert name of country here) this or (country) that that we sometimes neglect our own. i have also observed that Filipinos tend to prefer things that would make them get money at the shortest possible time, which is more or less practical but usually these things are also short-term. why not think of something that would make them earn in a longer term? another thing that i have also observed is that some Filipinos don't have empathy. we always tend to think about ourselves only and not think about others'. as a nation, we should be helping each other out and not take advantage of other Filipinos (which is a bit utopian, yes, but what the heck). save for politicians, but that's another story. :) i think that we should be more PATRIOTIC. mind you it is different from the "pinoy pride" that some topics here in mylot discuss. we must be united and help each other because if we don't then no one will. :)
• United States
31 Jul 09
Oh, Carlfrancis, How terribly sad! These things are not limited to filipinos, by any means. Similar situations are found throughout the world. They indicate hope for something better among the poor everywhere. I wish for you to have pride in your beautiful and diverse nation.