Your Salary - (Taxes + government contributions) = Take home pay

@jaizhi (260)
July 31, 2009 3:33pm CST
In my country you don't get paid much because government wants to take it all. You can get a job that will pay you 9,000 pesos monthly (180 dollars) but when you get your payment you show only almost 6,000 pesos monthly (120 dollars monthly). Where did the 3thou gone too? Here government deducts 15-20% of your salary for taxes (which is use to pay the corrupt officials of the country and get a government project that looks sh*t cause before the end of the officials turn you'll see its deteriorating because of sub-standard materials that was used), you are also required to pay PAG-IBIG (see this we pay this government body so that after 3 years we can loan money from it... but wait when you loan money you are still suppose to pay them.. where was the money deducted to you on those 3year? it their pockets... will you ever get it? no.. and worst your loan still has interest worst than banks)your salary is also deducted with sss (it a government body that lets you loan like pag ibig ... same sh*tty policy but this one will help 20% of you hospitalizations, death benefits and unemployment assistance... that is if you are paying them for 3years) the only thing good that is being deducted to our salary is PHILHEALTH (it a healthcare assistance, you just have to have 6month consecutive payment to them of $1 and they will cover 40% of all your hospitalization and medicines.).... That is why a lot of my fellow country man wanted to leave or country for good. OR work outside the country. Imagine if you are only being able to take home 6thou ever month. Then you have to pay rent for house which depends on the size (there is 2thou for studio type which is as big as a comfort room, to 5thou which is 2 rooms) then you have to pay 1500 for water and electric bill (if you have lower bills your the luckiest person here). Now you only have 2,500 to spend for the entire month for you daily expenses till the next salary. What a life... I guess our country will never change cause it is always run by a corrupt official.
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@morgandrake (2140)
• United States
31 Jul 09
I did not realize the extent that you were being taxed in your country. It makes what we are paying in taxes here in the United States look much better. The big problem I have here in the States is that the tax code is so complicated; I am not sure if I am paying too little or too much taxes. If I am paying too much, then it is robbing me of money. If I am not paying enough, then I am open to being audited which will result in heavy fines and penalties. I am not sure if the politicians are corrupt in my country, but it sure does feel that way.
@writersedge (22579)
• United States
9 Aug 09
If I work for someone else in the USA, that person pays for 1/2 of my social security (retirement), but since I work for myself, I have to pay it all. So for every 100 dollars, I must now pay $35. So I only get 65 dollars for every one hundred. I know it goes for roads, schools (in part because my land and home taxes go for schools, too), etc. But when I go to pay my bills, I don't seem to have enough either. When I paid 7.5% social security instead of 15 percent, it seems like I had way more money. The rest of the taxes stayed the same. That 7.5% more I didn't think about when I negociated for the money I needed to work for this couple. It seems like I'm 7 dollars short every time I turn around.
@amit2506 (233)
• India
1 Aug 09
I am also fed up with my salary. I am earning 240$ per month as a software engg. Once when I was filing my tax my CSM came around me and asked how much salary you are getting. I told him 240$, then he replied this much amount I am giving as TAX. See how people make fun of it.
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
31 Jul 09
In my country people live from salary to salary too.There are 5% of them who earn nearly 1700 $ per month,and the rest gets 204$ per month.There are teachers,firemen among them.The corruption level is high.Young people choose emigration, they don't believe that things could ever change.I think they're right.We want to live now and here.The politicians have already created their wealth and they have nothing to worry about.No one will take care of our future except us.