Are you a Religious Nut Case????

@bird123 (10457)
United States
July 31, 2009 10:26pm CST
Throughout time, there have been people who have had spiritual experiences. Are you one of them??? I want you to tell me about your experiences. Does having a spiritual experience make you a religious nut case??? Some will say so, but that is far from the truth. By giving people these spiritual experiences, God supplies us all with truth that keeps us from total darkness. They also give people an excuse, if you will, to explore what God is all about......Some people won't tell their spiritual experiences for fear of being called a nut. Tell me your experience but let's say a friend had this. That way no one can be sure it was you. After all, we all have a few crazy friends. I'll start. I have a friend who was playing in a pool with some men. The horseplay got rough and my friend was drown. My friend said they floated out of their body, rose above the pool and watched as the guys pulled my friend's body out of the pool and began mouth to mouth. At this time, my friend got a feeling that it was time to go back. Of course, that's what happened. Lots of people have died and came back. Tell me your friend's story. I do have another friend who brings insight into being a spiritual being. This friend remembers when they were installed in there physical body. My friend said that we are all spiritual beings in our true nature. We are installed after birth at the point when memories are possible. This is the first thing my friend remembers in life. The connection between the spirit and the physical body is made with several connections in the brain. My friend said the process is natural and thought nothing about it til later in life. It was normal. My friend said early in life they could tell the difference still between their spirit and physical body. It was clearly attached at the head. As my friend got older, it seems the body and spirit seem to be one. Perhaps, we are seduced into believing the body and spirit are one. Both of my friends are honest, reliable people. Both were reluctant to tell their story. What about you??? I know some of you out there have had such experiences or know someone who has. I believe in you!! So tell me about your friend!!
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