Have you ever lost something whilst traveling?

@maximax8 (28490)
United Kingdom
August 1, 2009 9:19am CST
I left my dressing gown on an island in Fiji. I got an announcement at the airport. The management had kindly sent it on to me. Wow! In Tunisia I left my coat there by mistake. It was hot there so I had hung my coat up and forgot about it. I was swimming in a sea in Australia and a wave went over my head. My sunglasses fell down and a man grabbed them. I was really grateful. I had lost one of the lenses and had to go to an optician to get a new lens fitted in my prescription sunglasses. I am pleased that I wear contact lenses that are daily disposable. Have you ever lost anything whilst traveling? Did you get it back or have to buy a replacement? Did the loss of it affect you?
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@haiershen (1084)
• China
12 Aug 09
yes,i often lost something whilst traveling before, for example,wallet,sunglasses, snack book,etc.because the thing i have took it from my bag,then i often forget to place it back immediately,i will forgot it,sometimes somebody saw it and will told me to get it back,sometimes, i will forgot it out of my mind and remember in two or three days when i need to use it.lol, it is very terrible,so that to when i begin to traveling,i will got only bag and return thing back at once to avoid those thing happened again.actually,replace something will make me very annoyed as something can not to be back and the new one isn't as same as before! good luck and have a nice day!
@marguicha (97540)
• Chile
2 Aug 09
Yes, Maxine. I left my favorite pair of shorts and other smaller things when I went to Orlando and found myself in the midst of a hurricane. My sweet niece came to pick me up in a hurry, I packed while she was eating something after a several hour trip in the middle of a storm. I forgot to check in one of the drawers and left some clean underwear and the shorts. The other things I didn´t mind. But I had bought the shorts in Mexico and were a sort of souvenir. I never got them back. But anyway, when I think of that day, I tend to feel so happy that I had someone so wonderful as Marcela. She drove alone, after work from Miami to Orlando, picked me up and drove back because she had been working that day and had to work the next day. Marcela is the eldest daughter of the friends that invited me to Kunayala this summer. I´m not much of a believer but that family has something angelic in them With those people around you, who cares for a pair of shorts anyway! Hug
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
2 Aug 09
gloves - I lost a pair of leather gloves while I was waiting at the airport.
There was one time when I was waiting at the airport for my plane, I forgot about my gloves and left them on the chair where I sat. I did not know about it until I got to the plane. There was another time when my full bag of snack that was stolen by someone. I found it gone when I was stil traveling on the train. I was not happy about this when I found it lost. I think that I was not careful enough while traveling and I am supposed to be more careful. Take care, friend.
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
2 Aug 09
My friend and I had our suit cases stolen from our locked car while in Rome. I have lost a few things, but none as bad as the 'Italian Job.' Police weren't very interested. I had a lot of electronic eguipment and photos in my case. Fortunately I had insurance, but you can't replace the photos of three months driving around Europe.