Do you think that you could work in daycare and have kids- What are your thought

United States
August 2, 2009 12:05pm CST
So I've been working in the childcare field for the last 9 years. I'm not sure if its getting burnt out or just typical but I don't think that I could have kids and continue in the childcare field. I've worked with all ages throughout my career in childcare and there is no age that I feel I could work with and go home at the end of the day and be ready to take care of my own child. Working in daycare is so fun but very stressful as well depending on the group of children. What are your thoughts on this? Am I just not a patient enough person to do both or is this a common opinion!
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@tutor19us (455)
• India
3 Aug 09
No, I think one can have kids and work at daycae too. In fact you can also have a fulltime job and have kids. Its just a matter of prioritising.
• United States
5 Aug 09
Thanks for the coment, you're right, it is a mater of prioritizing some what. I guess you just have to leave work at work and concentrate on what you have at home! It's just sometimes after working with a bunch of children that are crazy and wild and don't listen the last thing one would want to go home to is more children. I suppose if you have good kids it would be nice but if you don't watch out!
@CrazeD (3)
• Canada
3 Aug 09
Well, I'm 14 and my mom is currently working in the childcare field and has been since I was probably 2-4 years old. She may have even worked in it longer than that I'll have to ask her. She works with 3-5 year olds and sometimes younger children and has no trouble taking care of me(Although im quite self-sufficent). You just have to know how to handle it, and your child also depends on this. Someone with very loud and disruptive children to take care of and a mean daughter/son might not be able to handle it as well as a person with loud, disruptive children and a helpful daughter/son. Anyways thats my perspective on this topic. Thanks, CrazeD
• United States
5 Aug 09
Thanks for the comment! It's good to hear an opinion from the child's prospective. You are exactly right though as far as it depending on what type of children you have. I have really wild crazy children in my care. I suppose if I had my own children and they were helpful and wonderful it might be a nice change. However if I end up with children that are like the ones I care for that could be a problem!
@sid556 (31003)
• United States
12 Oct 09
I did a daycare from my home when my children were small. I then moved it to a friends basement where I watched his children for free in exchange for use of his yard and basement. I loved it for a long while. I had 3 children at the time and you are is a lot of work and I did reach a point where I was beginning to feel a bit burnt out on it. I ended up giving it up and doing something entirely different and mainly because I went thru a divorce and I needed a reliable income. All too often the parents would expect me to wait to get paid or pay me part of what was owed. As a single parent...I counted on and needed that income and i worked really hard for it. I had to give it up and go for a paycheck that I could rely on. It was then that I realized, I really was ready to move on anyway.
• United States
22 Sep 09
I have to admit that doing daycare has made me appreciate my own children even more. When you see the challenges involved with caring for other people's children, it makes you grateful how wonderful your own children are. (And they will be, no matter what, because they are yours.) I try not to blame the children I watch. It's not the baby's fault that Mom insists on caring him everyone 24 hours a day... and I won't do that for him. Of course he's upset. It's not the 2 year old fault that he is an only child and used to getting his way, and now he has to learn to be respectful and share with other children. It's not the 3 year old big sister's fault, that mom babies the 1 year old and carries her everywhere and now the older child is starving for attention and acts younger than her age to get it. I try to get these things in mind when I start to become aggravated at certain behaviors. It is an opportunity for me, and each child, to learn a variety of experiences that they may, or may not, be receiving at home.