What do you feel if your sister/brother more successful than you?

August 3, 2009 8:24am CST
I've seen this things several times in my real life. My auntie and uncle don't really like my parents because they are more successful than them. When I was child, my uncle report my mom to the police only because small problem that actually can be resolved by talk together. My mom was send to jail and of course she can out from it after 1 day only,,she was not guilty! Since that day, my uncle and mom never talk again. My big family often face problem related to jealousy because one of family member more success than other. We help each other but what can we do if in reality there's financial difference between us? I know we have our own family after married, but it's so sad, happy family and all togetherness between siblings in childhood time can come to an end in the future because of financial issue. But honestly, I feel little jealous too to my brother if he is more than me.. He is more active than me and favorite student and all the things! I know I must feel happy but it's quiet hard for me. Let's be honest! What do you feel if your sister/brother more successful in financial and life than you? Jealous? or happy, so they can help you?