How to make friends?

@tkleyr (406)
August 4, 2009 8:25am CST
Do you any idea on how to make friends? friendship that will last forever and not for a while?
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• Philippines
5 Aug 09
How to make friends? Well, you just have to be open to friendship. Be FRIENDLY. When you are in a party or any public place start a conversation with someone, who knows he/she could be good friend. Always wear a smile on your face. It will be hard to attract friends if you are always frowning, right? I think it's easy to attract friends, the harder part is keeping them. All i can say here is you have to be a good friend yourself. If you want a friend who will last forever then you have to be that friend to someone also.
@khaya87 (18)
• Singapore
5 Aug 09
For a long-last friend, sometimes it just happens by chance. The two persons feel very familiar and comfortable when first met. Actually, keeping the friendship long is the one needing some soft life skills. Making friends is easier than maintaining it. I think one should be sympathetic and understandable for a long-last friendship.
@rahulda (94)
• India
4 Aug 09
Its a little diff to answer. You dont know which relations last a lifetime. It jus happens. The longest staying friends are generally ur school friends that sat with u in the same bench. Even if u want long friends dont be desperate for it. That shld be sufficient that would make good friends last. Dont ve ego in relations. Thats all I can think of.
@kevchua (1004)
• Malaysia
4 Aug 09
In order to make friends, someone has to start the ball rolling. If both parties are silent, nobody will be friends :) So, if you want to make friends, you need to approach the person whom you are interested in getting acquainted; some will reciprocate, while others would just walk away after saying hi, and then avoid you (the snobs). To make a friendship last a lifetime is not easy. It takes two to tango; therefore, you and your new-found friend have to be in touch all the time, doing things together. Even when you're far apart, both of you still need to stay in touch. When he/she needs your help, you'll be there. It takes effort - lots of effort - for a friendship to grow into a fruitful one. You can't just say hi, have a few drinks and expect it to last forever :)