how many of u people have dogs at home

August 4, 2009 9:41am CST
hi,lets see how much we people care about our many of u have dogs at home and how do u take care of it.wats their name snd the reason for keeping it.does ur pet respond for its name
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• India
11 Aug 09
I love dogs as pets because they are the best companions for loneliness. They give you such a love that seems selfless.
• United States
10 Aug 09
My wife and I have two. Even a cat.
@marguicha (109160)
• Chile
7 Aug 09
I have a German Shepherd puppy. Her name is Lola and I say puppy because she is 7 months old, but she is a very big dog. Besides being big, she is the naughtiest dog alive. I fight with her day and night so she responds by her name. I have it so she can be my company when she learns to behave. Right now, she is too young. Last Sunday she had her first day of school. I found a policeman that trains policeman dogs which in my country are all German Shepherds. He said that she had been a good pupil. She knows "sit" and "down" but does that for a second. Then she embraces me with her 100 pounds. Everyday we have lessons together. But it seems she is too energetic. I used to have a lovely garden; now I have lots of big holes. I was witty enough as to put away all my potted plants. The rest will be history if I don´t make a fence soon (anybody willing to lend me money for that?) I´m thinking of burrying organic produce in Lola´s holes so I can make compost. I thought for a second of giving her away when she started to destroy my house but she looked at me. She has big, beautiful eyes. Even when I ground her, she wags her tail. I´m stuck with the beast and thebeast is stuck with me.
• Canada
6 Aug 09
i HAVE 2 dogs , as u can tell by the picture. Their names r Kowle and Asia. The breed of dog is Bouvier Des Flanders. Kowle is the father of the dog on the right. They both are inside dogs..I train dogs. All my pets responded to their names, even the cats... REMEMBER ALWAYS LUV/ CARE FOR YOUR DOG/PETS, THEY WILL ALWAYS LUV U...
• China
5 Aug 09
I have one in my hometown.She live with my parents.I want to buy a new dog for myself,but I don't have enough time to care ahout it,and I also worry if I can raise a dog alone. I hope I could have a little dog someday!
4 Aug 09
Hi, I have two dogs at home, Harvey is an 8 year old bull mastiff and yes he does respond to his name. The name was chosen purely because we liked the name. He is treated as part of the family and likes his home comforts, he doesn't like rain or wind and loves to have a cuddle. Daisy, our 6 month old border collie is also part of the family, she is more outgoing than Harvey and wants to be outside catching balls or digging up my garden. She has a mischievious nature and is normally up to something that she shouldn't be doing. She also recognises her name and will come when you call her. My dogs are definately part of my family and we wouldn't be without them in the home.
4 Aug 09
I have 2 Rottweilers called Lily and Bruno, i have them just because i love dogs and think they are wonderful pets to have. They do respond to their names but they are very stubborn dogs and if you tell them off they will just ignore you.