A very urgent question regarding Ebay!

August 7, 2009 12:21am CST
Hi, I need to know if this is a scam or not as I am baffled if I could be criminally charged! I have received an online job of selling items indirectly, as someone is asking me to post the items he wants to sell on my ebay account. He says he will pay me 10% of what the items are to be sold for. Now my problem is that if the guy I`m working for when the auction runs out and he doesn`t ship to the receiver what will happen! Will I get the money, and give it and refund it back to the person, or do I have to do something else? Lets just say the owner gets the item but returns it for a refund as it was damaged, will i be liable? I am very eager to know this quick as I only have 2 days left to cancel an auction and certainly don`t want to get liable for fraud charges or any charges for that matter! Any responses would kindly help me!
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@silverglint (2001)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
I don't see why the guy has to use your account and not create his own account. If he did state a valid reason, then maybe you can ask him to give you the items that he wants you to sell so that you know that you have the item you are trying to sell and will surely ship it as soon as you get the payment. Then you can simply remit to him the proceeds after you get your share. If he wants you to trust him by representing him in ebay, then he will have to trust you with his items and to receive the proceeds for the sale.
• Canada
7 Aug 09
Well, this is what I couldn`t understand why he couldn`t do it on his own, but I found this on Getafreelancer.com, so at first I didn`t know what he wanted. I guess I can`t be scammed as the payments go through me, so I have no idea how he could just trust a stranger with his money, unless he has no items to sell.Well, I am going to email him more details or it will be too late on the bids. He lives in another country so I can`t just tell him to show me the items. I have researched more on the products and have found a discovery that could break this case! Is it normal for ebay sellers to use online photos of items, or take their own, cause 3/4 of his a pictures I found on the net! I want to trust the guy,as he seems to trust me with his money. Also, I hear there is buyer protection so if they don`t receive the item, I can give back the money easily right?