How honest you are

August 7, 2009 6:30am CST
I remember when i was in college... my siblings are so strict(yes siblings, coz my parents are not here with us, they love to stay at the province so i live with my siblings while i was in college) My life when i was in college was just School-Home then Home-School, i want to go out with friends but im not allowed... then we need to think of something... most of the time my excuse was that, we need to finished our group report and that it will be so unfair if i will not be there.. its overnight actually.. so i did.. Then when i graduated and have work. i live with my sister and its their own house already but i insist to move out from them though they said theres no need so atleast i can save my money than renting.. i couldnt find of something to think.. but then i just told them that im too tired traveling to work that far and that im always late and that i need to stay just around the corner not far from my work.. so i did... And you?
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@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
7 Aug 09
i think that i am pretty honest, i went to use the atm once the lady in front of me never canceal out of her account and i could have just took her money so i yelled for her to let her know then i canceal it out for her, and once well getting gas whoever used the pump before didnt hang up the nozzle so i did to reset well this other dude was like i would have use it anyways. i just told him well i figure i wouldnt want someone do that to me
@mickly08 (769)
• China
7 Aug 09
I don't know how honest I am . That depends .If I met some dishonest men,it is useless to be honest. Sometimes honest man must be very cunning .You must learn to how to deal with different kinds of people .