Who is your most favorite Bible character?

August 7, 2009 11:26am CST
Aside from the Lord Jesus Christ, who is your most favorite Bible character? The Bible, which has 66 books, is full of wonderful and amazing characters and personalities. Starting from Genesis down through the whole Old Testament, many characters can inspire us--like Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel and many others--all with their different backgrounds and experiences and encounters with God. In the NT, the Scriptures is still full of colorful and not so colorful personalities--Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, the Apostles, Nicodemus, Pilate, etc. My most favorite Bible character is the Apostle Paul. He was known as Saul of Tarsus. He used to be a persecutor of Christians. But when he had a divine encounter with the living resurrected Christ, he became His most ardent follower, although he is not part of the Twelve. He gave up his rights and learning as a Pharisee and his prestigious place in the Sanhedrin to follow Jesus Christ. He counted it all lost compared to the knowledge of knowing Christ, His Lord. He became the Apostle to the Gentiles. He wrote many books in the New Testament and became God's instrument for founding many churches in Asia and Europe. He was martyred under Nero for Christ's sake. The gospel reached us today because of the churches he founded. When I am in heaven I want to meet this great apostle. Who is your most favorite Bible character and why?
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@beaushell (339)
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
The story of Joseph the dreamer, the favorite son of Jacob would be my favorite. His story reminds me of God's great purpose for each of our lives and no matter what we are going through that purpose remains. Reading the story always challenges me to not give up but to do my best in every stage of my life. Whether it be the down time, waiting time, learning time or harvest time. Whether failing or winning, to be dependent on God and worship God. This story brings a lot of encouragement to me. That is why my favorite Bible character is Joseph.
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
Yup! It is a story about dreams and dreamers and the endurance to reach our dreams. Joseph always reminds us that it is possible to reach our dreams.
@dazedaze (109)
9 Aug 09
I've been reading a book on all the women of the bible. I haven't read the stories on all of them, most of them I didn't even realize were there. I must say Rebekah seems to be a very positive character in the Bible. I have to give it up for the women of the Bible and say Rebekah is my pal and my favorite character.
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
In a male dominated era and society, the Bible makes it possible for women to be seen and heard-- and many times influence us, all of us, both male and female.
@JAG2009 (268)
• India
8 Aug 09
I like Ruth - for her boldness, her ability to show initiative take action. She had a problem and she needed to do something about it. So many Christians today just sit back and wait for God to act. I'm not saying we shouldn't wait or ask Him to help us; but there are times when we need to take a step forward. There are things only we can do and we need to know what and when. In my opinion, Ruth practised some active faith! She thought about things, prayed, had a plan, and made it happen. Well, we all know what happened as a result! So my vote's for Ruth.
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
Applause for the faithful men and women of the Bible...and today! Yo JAG!
@shanta25 (32)
• United States
15 Sep 09
I think David is an awesome character. He went through soo much. He did a lot of bad things. But when he worshiped and praised God he did it with all his might.He loved God! Makes me think about myself. No matter what things I have done in the past I have been forgiven!!
@jwm244 (69)
• Canada
3 Sep 09
Moses would have to be my favorite Bible Character. I believe that Moses is a symbol of humanity in the ways that he freed the slaves from Egypt, followed Jesus with courage in his heart, and suffered through great hardships, only to grow in his faith. I also find Moses to be a point of inspiration for me because of his endurance to work through a problem, help others, face judgement from others, yet still follow his heart to do what was right for his people. Furthermore, the courage for Moses to live mortally while trusting Jesus to work through him is encouraging to know that Jesus is around even in the darkest of hours.
@wsamboer (186)
• South Africa
23 Aug 09
My most favorite Bible character is King Solomon. His wisdom extended into words in books like: Proverbs are invaluable to anyone who wishes to live wisely. Ecclesiates, is of course where he is in a negative state of mind. But, he warns you of the emptiness which he has experienced in his life, even though he was the richest man who ever lived. His exploits in trying to determine what life is all about is indeed an eye-opener. The book of Songs is his love life; and to those who like poetic phrasing, it's contents will be enlightening.
• India
20 Aug 09
Of next only to Jesus Christ, I would also love [B]Job[/B] for the very same reason Chang -Mai-Boy has recounted. To clebrate the Lord and His Greatness is one thing, but to suffer for Him in Faith if by far the Greatest Character.
• Thailand
19 Aug 09
The Bible is full of mighty warriors, kings, heroes and prophets but one simple man stands head and shoulders above them all. My favorite character is Job who proved the strength of the human spirit to triumph over all including the worst the God of the old testament and the Devil could throw at him. He is the true hero of the Bible to me.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
13 Aug 09
Aside from Jesus Christ there are many characters I loved in the Bible because of their noble deed and amazing devotion to God. Among my favorites are: Joseph (the son of Jacob), the prophet Samuel (the last judge of Israel), King David, King Solomon, Sirach, the Macabees, the disciples Matthew, John the evangelist, John the baptis, St. Paul, St. Jude Thaddeus (patron saint for the love and the hopeless), St. luke, Mother Mary, Joseph because of his loyalty to Mary and his obedience to God and for taking care of the child Jesus.