how you deal with your life?

August 7, 2009 5:54pm CST
what you do to make your life beautiful? and are you tired of your daily things to do?
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
Hello There! Good Morning! One thing I know... life is beautiful because of the people who is there to support and love me. And there is God, he always listen to my prayers especially when I can no longer proceed. With my daily routine, yeah, I get tired because it is kinda boring but I love what I do and I appreciate my life though it sometimes s u c k s because of the things I can't understand or do, still, I am lucky that I am here... Happy Mylotting! Thanks for this discussion! Keep posting. Cheers!
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
ahhh i see, you have a lot of love and experiencing a support from time to time thats why it makes you feel good in life, hope all life will like yours.
@Mickie30 (2633)
7 Aug 09
All I need to do is look to God thank Him for my wonderful husband and daughter and son that will be here in November. I did not always have a great life, but now my life has been blessed by God in so many ways. I thank the Lord every day for my life.
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
ohh mam, i hope November will be tomorrow and never ends, i happy for you and i wish for your great days when you are with your family.
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
25 Sep 09
Hey, Well the main things I do throughout the day, is I mainly post on MyLot, as this is my daily routine, it is really quite good because it really relaxes me and helps me to think about my life. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
Life is good for me so far since it changes dramatically a few years back. Despite losing a phone and car back then few years ago, I began to be tired of life as it seems to be unfair with me. And so I started to think positively and turns out,these are the things that made life more meaningful, the problems and all those things. I love my life so far!