Does it make sense to be jealous?

@lcainiao (201)
August 8, 2009 3:19am CST
Does it make sense to be jealous when her boyfriends has a data with his ex-girlfriend? Jean was born from a poor family, but she worked hard and got a decent job as a co-called superwoman. However, if taking a bount, she was almost in her thirties when she finalyfound a good boyfirend Tod. Jean expected it to be a prosperous start, which turned out to be the haunting nightmare....To Jean's surprise, three months since she ghad begun to have a date with Tod, she found he was still getting contact with his ex-firlfriends. She was infuriated and broke up with him. However, she found it very difficult to part with him and met ime again. Jean definitely make it clear that she didn't like his appointment with his ex-girlfriend, but Tod didn't follow her, considering that she was too narrow-minded. She was really in a dilemma. Will the love lead to the heaven or the hell? Does it make sense to be jealous when her boyfriend has a date with his ex-girdfriend? Please give your suggestion to Jean.
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@grundmang (112)
• Israel
8 Aug 09
its somthing we have imbeded in us ...we want what others have to improve ourself and its fine if you are jealous ...
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@thokius (426)
• Austria
8 Aug 09
Hello lcainiao, I think it does make sense. After all if he found something in his ex-girlfriend before then he will now. Or in other words the ex-girlfriend is still a security threat. But on the other hand jealosy is one of mankinds' greatest defects so maybe it's better if she just ignores the ex-girlfriend. Cheers! Thok
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@reco13 (605)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
Perhaps I would feel the same way as Jean does. Jean is not being narrow-minded. She could have understand him if he is open with her, but the way I understand the story, Jean found about this herself. Her bf should have told her that he is meeting up with his ex-girlfriend if it means nothing to him. He might as well want to ask Jean to go with him if it may be just a friendly meeting. But no, I would never go for a man like that Tod! He keeps secret to his new gf, so definitely, I can't trust him. And I would not think twice breaking up with him!
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
14 Aug 09
hi Jean should have run from him the moment he made it clear he wAnted to plAy Around. she should tell him if he wants to be' her boyfriend he will have to dump the plAying Around.but I think she is fooling herself as he has made it evident he doesnt want just one girl, he wants a hArem. she should dump him and find a boy who will care for her only, not a player.