What if dinosaurs roamed the earth today?

@jujuby (62)
August 8, 2009 7:02am CST
If dinosaurs were roaming the earth today, I wouldn't be here writing this discussion topic in the first place. On the lighter side, I might opt to domesticate a T-Rex.
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@rhoday (152)
• United States
20 Aug 09
I think if there were still dinosaur's roaming the earth that most of us wouldn't even be here today. Instead we would have been eaten off by now.
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
if dinosaurs still exist today then maybe we dont have internet.. coz people will going to live underground so that they can't harm them and of course theres no signal underground lol... and we dont have high buildings coz they will ruin them. remember they are bigger than them. and if they are still exist then we can't have our freedom to go out, have some fun in anywhere we want coz we are afraid to go out, afraid that maybe they will eat us lol