My little girl, my baby, is 16

By Liz
United States
August 8, 2009 9:00am CST
I can still see her a toddler little tooth pick legs, not much hair except on the very top. Just enough to put a bow in. She used to walk up and have her hands behind her back and say Odis Odis (or this. Or this) wanting me to pick a hand that would have a flower picked off the stem crumpled in her tiny hands. If I ever told her no shed cry and say don't u luv me anymore? Oh sweet baby girl I'd give anything for a week like that again...
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@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Aug 09
hi dasiejanie hatley here. I am elderly now but I remember vividly the day my son learned to run, and he was just eleven months old. i can still see his baby hand as he picked up a pretty five petaled leaf from the sidewalk, and he examined that leaf so completely,I wondered what he was thinking in his baby mind, some how I knew that when he grew up he was going to be some sort of scientist, he is now a computer programeer,out of wor k now, but he just left from a visit with me. he was putting more memory into my computer, He knows everything about a computer.he is my fifty year old baby ha ha,no I am not senile.but to a mom her grown children will always be her babies. He is a very curious man and can fix just about any thing under the sun.He still has that sense of wonder and curiousity he had as a little toddler. those were the best years.they are all so sweet then.I know we all would love one week when they were little and oh so sweet and precious to us.
• United States
9 Aug 09
Yes tine flys by dosent it!!! Thanks for posting ... Liz
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
It always be like that when you say don't u love me anymore ot no shed cry. Usually they hug and embrace you sit on your lap saying "I'm still your baby."..
• United States
9 Aug 09
Yea it was such a sweet time in my life the best!! Liz