USA Folks, Fema Trailers For Sale!! Dirt Cheap!

United States
@CatsandDogs (13965)
August 8, 2009 2:07pm CST
I'm serious!! Dirt cheap!! They're on Ebay and incredibly cheap! Hubby and I were going to go look at them and even seriously considered buying one but we don't have any land to put it on.... it's that big! Like a small small house but one nonetheless. Now I'm telling you this just in case there's someone in dire need of a place to live and might have a place to put this trailer. Even if one has to buy some land to put this on, it's well worth the money!! They're '06's but have never been used so essentially, they're brand spanking new!! Go to ebay and in the search area, type in Fema trailers and you'll see it once you scroll down some. 2006 Gulf Stream Cavalier 2006 Gulf Stream Cavalier Travel Trailer FEMA Camper