Will the outsourcing start again???

August 9, 2009 4:08am CST
Mr. Barrack Obama stopped the outsourcing and limited other countries like ours to the united kingdom. Thus suddenly the unemployment rate has increased. But this is also a fact that if he hadn't stopped outsourcing, then the same would have happened to the people over there. So , do you think the outsourcing will start again?, as it becomes profitable for large companies and organizations to outsource their data from the 3rd world countries as labor here is cheaper than the labor there. Or, do u think that this should never start again as the right of every american should be preserved for their own good.
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@staraevp (82)
• Kenya
10 Aug 09
Outsourcing data entry duties and clerical responsibilities is the best thing that ever happened to the third world countries. Several people have benefited from this including me. I wish that outsourcing should be allowed to be to some degree for those major companies that wish to engage cheap labor and maximize profits. This will be a plus to either parties 1. the company will be able to save and use the savings in other areas of improvement for sustainability. and 2. the outsourcing person (one who do the work) will benefit since he gains employment hence a means of livelihood. for this reasons our world will grow and will reduce poverty levels in the third world countries. My take therefore is that Mr. President Barack Obama should consider rescinding his decision and allow outsourcing to continue unabated.
10 Aug 09
I completely agree with you, but then are we not taking a lion's share of what should be a major american job??? If we think about our benefit, then there will be more unemployment issues there. So I think that Mr. Barrack Obama as the president of the United States, has taken the right decision in favor of his fellow countrymen.
@Masssko (239)
• Estonia
9 Aug 09
What do You mean by stop the outsourcing? You mean the third countries, or the outsourcing within the country as well? I'm not a U.S. citizen and never heard of that case, but I'm still curious: For example, if I have a small farm and sell my vegetables to bunch of shops in a nearby city, can some transport company as a third party (which is outsourcing in theory) provide me their services and deliver my vegetables to the shops, or is it illegal now? Thanks in advance!
10 Aug 09
Sure, why not?.. This is common in my country. A farmer cannot provide both production and sales facilities, so someone needs to act as a third party to sell the product, in your case, the vegetables..
• China
10 Aug 09
where these goods are cheap and good quality and fast shippment. I think of we should purchase from there. Mr.Barrack Obama could decide to use the goods of themselves. But in fact , the people will increase their cost. So they can't get profit also.
• Philippines
9 Aug 09
Outsourcing will continue but I'm not pretty sure if they will start again. It's been proven in the Philippines as well. My previous' company's project is actually ending this August 31 while it was supposed to be a 5 year project.
@nangel78 (1458)
• United States
9 Aug 09
I do not see much has changed with the outsourcing problem. It is still going on and as long as companies can pad that bottom line, they will continue to get away with it as long as they can. I do not agree with outsourcing if it is not necessary especially when we have U.S. citizens who can do the job just as well and need it to help keep a roof over their heads.
@John4Christ (1598)
• India
9 Aug 09
Well I don't think much change has occurred.......Mr.Obama said that he would charge the companies twice the amount of tax to those who outsource their work.......but then still the companies made equal amount of profit even after paying twice the amount the tax.......so the question is why would they move???? Somewhere its not the matter of cheap labor......its the matter of conversion rate......like in India $1 translates into Rs.48(Approx) which is not bad.......the salary that the Indians get through outsourcing is amazing, no other industry provides such a salary to a fresher.......so its a win-win situation for both the company as well as the employees, so there is no question of cheap labor, people consider it highly paying industry here....... You have rightly pointed out that if outsourcing is completely banned, then what about the One lakh+ odd people working in BPO's across the globe........it would mean they loosing their jobs....... But somewhere I also agree that the outsourced countries get their bread and butter because of Americans.......and if they are not getting jobs then somewhere it is unjust !!!!! Have a nice day !!!!