What is your best pick up line to hook up a stanger girl/boy?

@jeiay41 (675)
United States
August 10, 2009 1:09am CST
Just want to share to all mylotters out there what happen to me earlier when im buying a snack on a fast food restaurant. There was this girl on the cashier and I got carried away when she look at me at smile in a distance. After she finish the order of the person infront of me I was hesitate to talk and dont know what to order.This cashier ask me just like they always say, "Good day Sir, what can I do for you". And I answer like this " Can I get your number " The girl just wonder and ask me again another question, " What is your order " and I answered " Can I order you " This girl looks really confuse to what im saying, she ask me again for the last time and finally she got the right response. She's so cute and can't take my eye from her even a second, i feel this is love at first talk, Anyways, after she punch in the amount she as me again for the last time and said " Do you want here or take home " And this last sentence I said just blew her out and lough out loud to what I said to her, I said something like this " Can I take you home? "This is one of a heck ride for me today. You guys, do you have a story like this happen on you or similar to this event. Spread your word out for us to read your story. Im sure somebody will grab your pick uplines and use it on thereselves.
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@suchi60 (913)
• India
10 Aug 09
Thank you stars that you didn't walk out with a black eye. If I were to like a girl and wanted to chat with her, I'll probably walk up to her and try to pick up a conversation, like asking her for an address maybe. If she shows her annoyance, I'll just back off.
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
Asking a girl's address is a no-no. You can try to ask for her cellphone number instead. Good luck if the girl would give her number to you.
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
If I was the girl that you are talking with, I would tell you to back off and turn away from you. Sorry to offend you but some guys are like you, they are so stupid when they like a girl and want to get her attention. Its like the guy's brain went down to his pants when ever he sees a beautiful girl. The worst pick-up line that I got from a guy (who was at the next table to me) while eating alone in a restaurant was, "Wow, that sausage you're eating is quite big but my d*ck is much bigger than that."There was once when I was in a bar trying to chill, when I saw a handsome Latino guy and he's such a good dancer. After he danced, I approached near him since he is seating at the counter of the bar and ordered a cocktail from the bartender. Suddenly, I turn to him and said, "You're a such a good dancer, I like your grooves." I got his attention and we started talking until later on, we were dirty dancing in the dance floor. A lot of girls got envy with me that time as I can see them looking at me while dancing to that hot Latino guy. It justs a dance during the night, I wasn't looking for a date or anything.