What's the weather like in your area?

@CRSunrise (2964)
United States
August 10, 2009 11:13am CST
It is so warm and muggy here in Ohio. Right now, it's saying it's saying it's 87 degrees, but feels like 95. I can definitely believe it. It's times like this I wish my house had central air, but it doesn't so I have to live with it. They're calling for a 50% chance of rain. I wonder if that's going to be a blessing in disguise, or will it make thins worse. I just don't know.
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@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
13 Aug 09
hot humid and very irritating. the heat makes me cough for i have asthma. i love when it rains at night for it gives a cool breeze. it makes us feel cool and we have a good time for a good sleep, well that if it rains at night. but when it does not its really very hard to catch some snores. sometimes it rains but for a few minutes only that makes it worst.
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
10 Aug 09
Hi CRSunrise, well thankfully I can say it's cooled down a little bit since yesterday and now it must finally be lower than the 100+ degrees it's been for the last few weeks. It felt completely perfect this morning as I hate the cold but struggle with the very high humidity, it was a little cooler with the fan on and wasn't too bad. But then I hit town an hour away and it was like driving back to the wall of heat again, so thick you could feel it. By the time I reached back home I felt heat exhausted all over again.
• United States
10 Aug 09
Here in Arakansas it's a high of 90 low of 74. My temperature guage outside says it's already 89. It's going to be a hot one! The heat index makes it feel like it's a 100 already. We got a few clouds and no chance of rain. It's pretty windy out so it'll be a nice day to lay around in the sun get rid of some of these tan lines. Back home we always had that muggy heat too. Sometimes I miss it but not so much when it comes to having a great hair day. And after it rains it always has a unique smell I do miss that.