Swagbucks deactivated my account... I am so mad!!!!

United States
August 10, 2009 3:35pm CST
I had been with Swagbucks for about 2 month, I earned 140 swagbucks.... all through searching and I was happy with the site since I had only positive feedback from mylotters here about the site. Well I finally decided to turn in my swagbucks for a gift card and 10 minutes after I submitted my request I went to search for something and had to try to log back in... only to find out I had been deactivated!!!!!!!!! for no reason. I have no referrals, I am the only one on the account...I am the only one using the internet for money sites --and I only use the computers here at my home...no where else!!! So for no other reason that requesting payment for my time I was deactivated!!! I submitted an email to have them explain why this happened and I have not received a response from them and it has been 2 weeks now!!! I was curious if anyone else had been deactivated from this site or any other for no other reason that requesting payment??