Did The British Win The Revolution?

@gewcew23 (8011)
United States
August 10, 2009 5:11pm CST
I am scratching my head wondering why did we declare our countries independence from Britain? True we are an independent country, but there are things better than just having your own currency, government and flag. What about today's America would resemble anything that those brave patriots fought for? Fell free to report me for what I am going to say here, but I will dare to say that Obama and his supporter would have fought for the British. Heck what is the deference, if they get their way it would be the same. Tell me one principle that Obama share with America's founding fathers?
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@tdemex (3547)
• United States
10 Aug 09
Freedom of religon
@gewcew23 (8011)
• United States
11 Aug 09
WOW that is the best you could come up with? That tell me all I need to know. Think about that statement for a minute. I asked you a question and the best you could come up with is freedom of religion.
@p1kef1sh (45640)
12 Aug 09
Let's turn that one around shall we. What do YOU know about Britain that makes you think that Obama might ever consider supporting us in a military conflict. Because we have nearly 400 British graves from the most recent American wars that we were flattered into supporting by Obama's predecessor. 10% of the numbers of US troops killed. I am certain that the "Brave Patriots" didn't fight for that.