Keep The LCD Monitor

@wahyueQ (225)
August 11, 2009 9:06pm CST
Hi All, I have a CRT Monitor 15 inch in my Home. I already have it for about 4 years. do you know how to keep it still in the real good condition??
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• India
12 Aug 09
The ways that it can be kept clean is keep it covered with computer cover which is available in the market. frequently wipe it with dry cotton cloth. Do not allow children to place their hands on it. These are the few which i feel to keep it in real good condition.
• Japan
12 Aug 09
hi, i also have CRT 15 inch, but have not used for 4 years, if i buy server host chassis in add, i will use CRT 15 inch as monitor to server host. i always cover the cloth to avoid much dust.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
12 Aug 09
I think the best way to take care of it, is to make sure to keep it free and clear of dust build up. I think it is best to get it serviced or checked out at least once per year, will prolong the life of it also. I have had mine for quite some time also.
@owelm0408 (1012)
• Philippines
12 Aug 09
i have two CRT monitors at home and yes, i still keep it. But I'm ready to give it away when somebody needed a monitor.