what is the shortcut to success?

August 15, 2009 3:22am CST
what is the shortcut to success? I think luck is more important than efforts. If you think succeess needs effort, then mention what are the main three steps to success?
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@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
15 Aug 09
Hi, Thee is no short cut for success. You have to pass through the ordeal and have to go the way specified or else there would be just the opposite - failure. And forget about luck. If you are stuck to this nothing would come your way. Hence there is no alternative to hard work.
@airakumar (1555)
• India
9 Jul 10
I would definitely would like to add that one of the greatest shortcuts that anyone can take to achieving success is to follow the examples of successful people. If possible, befriend them and study their behaviour and actions. Look at your behaviour and honestly ask yourself if it's holding you back. Adopting some of the traits of people that have been promoted may well help to get you noticed. The entertainment world is full of examples of artists modelling themselves on other successful entertainers, some more blatantly than others. Even great and seemingly original artists like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan had influences and people they copied and learnt from.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Jul 10
Focus, smartwork and perseverance are the keys for success.
• Philippines
21 Aug 09
hi there..to respond your discussion for me there is no shortcut to success...also I don't agree with what you said that luck is more improtant than efforts... hardwork, self motivation and right attitude is the key to success...There would be times that you will experience failure, but its not mean that you will stop to achieve the success and happiness you want to achieve...
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
16 Aug 09
Is there a shortcut to success? I don't think any. Of course success needs effort and the main steps to success? I must say perseverance, hard work, a right attitude, knowledge, I could list a lot of things, but you need to have a strong heart and know where you want to go that you will then proudly say, I'm successful now.
• India
15 Aug 09
Hi, friend. I must say that shortcuts lead to failures, or to successes for a short term that transform into failures in the long run. A general statement, "There are generally two ways in life, One is right and the other is easy". To gain success, one has to pass through a well crafted way of various tests that the life puts in front of him/her so as to be refined for success. To all those who consider that luck plays an important part in leading to success, i say that there is nothing like luck. Actually, this so-called luck plays a part in deciding what kind of hurdles we have to overcome to achieve success, but it is just our efforts that decide whether we would be able to overcome those hurdles or not, so as to achieve success. In other words, it is our efforts that play a part in making what we call as luck. I believe that Determination, Flexibility and LOVE are the three factors that are important for a person in achieving success. But, mind it, these are not shortcuts but they are the factors that improve a person over time to direct him/her towards success in the long run. So, don`t look for shortcuts, rather look for success. Happy Mylotting!!