United States
August 15, 2009 3:47am CST
one question: what in the world is a poke?? now any normal person, not knowing the details of this discussion would say "hey, (while preparing to poke me)this is a poke!" but on the subject of facebook, i would have to say we are all a little lost. So honestly even if i was to be able to define to actual meaning behind it all, would i use it..?? HECK NOO!! The last thing i want is to look up from my computer, and find a finger inches away from poking me..creepy much? so if there is anyone out there brave enough, to fully understand and defend this "poke" please do so, but i seriously doubt the person/people who came up w/ this term even know what it means. I figure they just needed something to fill the empty spot..
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• Australia
19 Aug 09
Oh man I hated the poke feature when I had facebook.Everytime I would log into facebook there would be like 20 pokes then I would delete them hoping it wouldnt happen again but sure enough when I log in again the same thing. It like if you want my attention cant you just write me an email? The poke is such a useless stupid thing..I really wonder who came up wiht it??? Thansk for the discussion lol
@much2say (40052)
• United States
19 Aug 09
I've been on Facebook for a few months now, and it's rare that anyone uses the "poke" feature, which really isn't much of a feature. If you send a "poke" to someone, all that person receives is a barely noticeable notification under "Pokes" that you poked them. You have the option to poke them back or to remove the notification. Big whoop. The significance? I suppose it's like someone poking you with a finger to say "hey", but I promise you a real finger will not jump out at you from your monitor. That being said, I have one friend who pokes me whenever he has a chance, and I poke him back. What's the point? Nothing really. It's just some unsaid acknowlegement that we're currently logged on to Facebook, I guess. Other than that, no one else "pokes". Now if you had said "Super Poke" or any other poke with a descriptive word before it (like Skater Poke), that's a bit different. At least it's a more interesting "hey", with a visual. You can pick silly "pokes" to send to everyone -like throwing animals or passing a drink, much like those gift applications. Many newbies to Facebook get into this "poke" stuff, but the interest eventually fades away. Go ahead and be brave . . . poke someone for the heck of it just to say you poked someone. I promise it won't hurt.