Never Enough

August 15, 2009 6:17am CST
I grew up in a big family, i have 3 elder sisters and 3younger brothers. We belong in a poor society, where no toys to play no money to buy sweeties. After graduating highschool i went to the city and found a good job earning reasonable salary. As soon as i started earning, i started sending money to my parents. Until i married a guy who put me in pedestal and give me a life..and we have a son now. I never stop sending money to my parents until me and my husband started to have financial problems that we have to save every penny weve got...and i could not afford to send them more money anymore...then my problem started. I told them our financial crisis and they never believe me, and they started to get really nasty with me beacuse i can not give them what theyve ask for. They all turned against me and gave me a cold shoulder... Why when u help ur own family is always not enough? is always never enough to make them happy...and never enough support from them either when we the one in trouble? Is it a bad thing to cut them out of ur life even they are families?
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
15 Aug 09
Hi mrshughes, I think you have pampered your family too much and they look up on you as their santarina. So when you are in problem they refuse to accept the truth. They should realize that every good thing has its endings. It is good enough that you have been their savior for so long. If they refuse to accept reality you can't do much about it but just pray that they will understand your true position now. Times are bad and you have your own family needs to care for. You can detach yourself from them but you can't really cut the blood that binds you to them. They say blood is thick than water which holds true in your case. Since you are married and have your own family to feed, you have to set your priorities to your own family and let your original family find their own footings and not depending on you for their economic needs.
• Philippines
15 Aug 09
wow! thank u very much for such a very nice advise. really does help me feel better. yes, my husband and my son are my first priority in life. god bless and more power to u.