What is the ideal age of sending a child to school?

August 15, 2009 9:10am CST
anybody? I'm planning to send my baby boy to school next year.. Though it's still early to plan, but I'm excited.. LOL.. But I'm worrying that he may get bored that fast.. He's gonna be 3.5 years old next year when the classes starts.. I think he's smart enough and I want to expose him to many playmates..
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
18 Sep 09
Hi crisanta, I am a first time mum and this question is pretty good info for me. I am a mother of 1 little boy, he is going to be 3 years old next year February. I plan to sent him for school/nursery next year. I am bit worried whether he will get use to his new environment or not. It is a kinda of new challenging task for me too ,I have to learn how to handle his first day go school. As I am taking care my son by myself, he is quite stick to me. So I believe he sure will cry during his first few days school and will look for me all the time. I have to prepare myself well to face all these problems. By sending him to nursery, my son can learn how to socialize with other kids,learn new things and more expose to outside world rather than at home with me all the time.
@amyson (3509)
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
i have seen a topic from discovery channel about sending to school a child to make him smarter.an special school caters for babies and kids to make them genius in the school.as early as 9 moths old they can enroll in that special school for developing on how to get your kid to be smart in the future.thus it helps developing the brain at earliest time it can absorb all the teaching just like a sponges it can absorbs as much as water.