What is the longest time you have spent playing games ?

August 16, 2009 12:33am CST
I like to play RPG and I remember once I played game from evening 6 to morning 7:30 nonstop.The game was Oblivion.What is the longest time you have spent playing games.Share it please.
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@isaax190 (70)
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
When it comes to playing RPG overnight playing is part of the daily gaming... And when it comes to MMORPG then its no sleeping week! Well guess just a nap and continue the fun... as long as there is food sleeping is no option....
@haniku17 (113)
19 Mar 10
I think the longest time would be about 4-5 hours. I get bored easily. But my man is like a hardcore gamer and he can play all night and don't care if he doesn't get any sleep. I guess you are both alike. Recently, though I played Heavy Rain and I couldn't put the controller down. It is not a very long game. You can finish it in one sitting but it is one of the games that I really liked recently.
@EpicFawn (27)
• United States
29 Jan 10
Think I played chrono trigger 2 days straight with bio breaks, and food breaks... no sleep!
• Canada
18 Aug 09
I like playing RPG's too. I once went from around 2-3pm till 7:30am the next day. I don't remember if I was playing one game or a few different games at the time though.