Name that one place you got to visit before you die.

August 16, 2009 1:28pm CST
Have you every heard that Disneyland is one of the place that you have got to visit before you die? I am not sure if you did but I have heard this one. I have been to Disneyland in LA and Tokyo.I would love to go to Disney World in Orlando before i die. Well Disneyland is not my main priority. I got to put this in my Bucket List. I would love to go to either Arctic or Antarctica to experience the life on an Inuit, staying in an igloo seeing the equinox in the wee morning. Feeling the lowest temperature ever who knows I will experience my first frost bite. I would love to see real live polar bear, killer whale, penguins, seals and walrus too. Sitting on a sledge pulled by huskies. This will be so awesome. I do not think that many have experience this. I do think this is one cool place I have got to visit before I die. Cross my finger that i will visit the Arctic before i die. Share me with yours. Any interesting place you have got to visit before you die?
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@soulist (2986)
• United States
18 Aug 09
The one place I would have to visit before I die is Ireland. That is one of my dreams to travel across Ireland and visit many of the places that I have studied and done research on in college. I want to spend time in a place called Glendalough because it seemed very secluded and tucked away in nature.