The girl that comes between me and my best friend

August 16, 2009 8:06pm CST
Every one has a best friend. Now, as we grow up, we come across many situations where there is a we or our best friend are in a fix...especially when it comes to girls. hey..hey..don't go back on your life yet. Frankly, i wasn't much into girls when we were growing. But me and my best friend, had had our fair share of awkward moment and fixed moment. Also, i have seen a lot of other guys who fall apart from being the best friend to bitter rivals or not that bad relationship because they happened to like a girl and was little late in telling each other. So..what's your story?
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Aug 09
hi thelittlenaqa no my best friends did not come between us when I met and married my husband,in fact they egged 'us on and they stayed our best friends as we all' worked for St Lukes hospital in Phoenix Arizona. they had a lovely bridal shower for us. it was such fun.
• India
17 Aug 09
Oooh.. very please to hear that. You are one lucky fella. Thanks for your reply and yeah have a long and lovely married life.