Are you tired of your relationship ?

August 17, 2009 8:55am CST
Every relationship has its own qualities and we always trying to pretend our relationship and make sure we want to loose relation with the other person no matter what kind of relationship we do have.. But sometime we are trying to get rid of the relationship and want to break up relationship with the person we love most. It happens with you also ? please respond
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@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
17 Aug 09
No.. I'm not tired of the relationship that my boyfriend and I share. Sometimes I get scared.. sometimes we argue.. sometimes we don't speak to each other for a week at time... but we never grow tired of each other :)
@Bryanx54 (644)
18 Aug 09
That Comment reminds me of what my girlfriend would say :) as she says we will never be tired of each other and we do argue at times but we make up all the time :)
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
18 Aug 09
In a way the answer is yes. I had already foreseen that the relationship would not work out the way it should be, and wanted to end it before making a full commitment. The significant other promised that things would be fine, and better than her relationship with her previous partners. It was worse. Technically we are still together. One of my weaknesses is the habit of trying to improve things, however difficult they may be. Sometimes boredom creeps in. What keeps me going is the responsibility over the children. Will I quit the relationship? Most probably not.
@dodo19 (33684)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
17 Aug 09
I definitely do not feel tired of the relationship that my fiance and I share, which is part of the reason why we want to get married. I really do think that we have a good and healthy relationship. I can understand that maybe some people may get tired of their relationship. However, it's not the way that it is with my fiance and me. I don't feel that way about my relationship, and I don't think that my fiance feels that way either. Yes, we do occasionally have little arguments, but I think that it's normal.
@vivianchen (2648)
• China
17 Aug 09
I think you are right. When we first in love with our partner, everything is fresh, and we want to spend everytime we have with them. When times goes by, when the passion is not there anymore, the tired feeling goes out. That's why we will do something stupid to hurt the one we love the most. What we need to do is, think before we lead.