@joezon50 (379)
Hong Kong
August 20, 2009 1:05am CST
Do you appreciate to play badminton?We can also compare this to the tennis game,only the differences was badminton the ball was small and racket was lighter to hold.And i like badminton to play for me its easy to do this. Do you like badminton?
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@shreed_14 (460)
• India
9 Oct 09
I just love to play badminton.It is one of those few games I am hooked to.Though it is almost similar to tennis I prefer it o tennis. I have been playing this game since my childhood and used to go for badminton coaching even.But had to stop when the pressure of studies grew tremendously and I couldn't make out time for the game.
• India
9 Oct 09
Sorry I meant I prefer badminton to tennis.
@posham (1237)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
I like badminton better that tennis. It's really satisfying and super active. I just played for 5 hours earlier. Badminton Mixed Doubles for our company sports fest has been concluded. We got 2nd place. It's feels really great to be able to compete again. LOL. Tomorrow will be women's double. can't wait!
@kid221 (151)
• Philippines
26 Sep 09
Hiya Joe.. I used to be a tennis player until I hooked up with badminton. I thought badminton is a game for lame ducks and very feminine. However, i found out and experienced the hard way that this game is more demanding than tennis. It has a smaller playing court than tennis but it requires more stamina from the players. Badminton is a game of reflexes and body coordination. A singles match for badminton feels like a 5 set (all tiebreak) tennis match in the open sun. I learned to love and appreciate the game of badminton. As of the moment I am into competitive badminton games joining tournaments in the doubles category. By the way I have won my first championship trophy in badminton with lots of medals (scratches and scrapes) in both knees.. Smash it hard Joe!!
@Porcospino (17975)
• Denmark
24 Sep 09
I love badminton. About 15 years ago my brother and I often played badminton, and I liked it vert much. After a while my brother and I got interested in other kinds of sport and we stopped playing together. A few weeks ago I started playing badminton again. This time I play with my husband, and it is great. I am really happy to play badminton again, because I still love to play. We have started playing once a week. The membership of the club is quite expensive, but I think it is worth it. I always look forward to playing and I enjoy it very much.
• China
17 Sep 09
Yes, I like playing badminton, we can say very much. As long as there is time, I'll call a couple of friends together to play badminton. Because badminton is no requirment on the site, which is very suitable for mass crowd. This is a very good campaign.
• China
14 Sep 09
i like badminton, but i think badminton is very different with tennis table, not only the weight of racket but also the right way to knock the ball, and so on.
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
Yes i really love it....before i am not interested in badminton but when i started watching tournaments in the office i realized that its easy to learn, now im still playing once in a while if i have time,sometimes 3x a week after work,together with my friends..... try it.....have fun.....:)
• China
10 Sep 09
Yes!I like badminton very much.when I was freshman I go to play badminton with frends weekly.We had a lot of fun .while it is not so much time to play ,but still miss that feeling.Now we dicided to play badminton tomorrow.looking forward.
• Canada
3 Sep 09
Its honestly my absolute favorite sport now. I play at least 12 hours a week.
@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
20 Aug 09
yes, I like badminton because this game sport that can anyone and wherever.
• India
20 Aug 09
best sportsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i loveeee playinggggggggggggggg ittttttttttttttttt