Bad Weather,or the wrong Clothes?!

Omagh, Northern Ireland
August 20, 2009 10:10am CST
It's raining here,and I'm about ready to go out to work...I'm a fan of the Comedian/Actor/Musician Billy Connolly,and a saying I've heard him come out with came back to Me and made Me think..He Says "There's no such thing as Bad Weather,just Poor choices of Clothing!" So,I wanted to ask Mylotters- Does Bad weather make you think about staying in,or Changing your wardrobe and getting out there to get on with life outside the house?! Thanks for responses!
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@dorypanda (1584)
20 Aug 09
The weather does sometimes change my mind about what I'm going to do. Usually if I've already planned something though I'll stick with it, no matter what the weather's doing, even if it means I have to put my wellies on. ;)
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• Omagh, Northern Ireland
21 Aug 09
Yep,Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
20 Aug 09
I like Billy Connolly, but I've never heard that one! Mind you, being a Scot, I suppose he has to be philosophical about the weather! I live in Spain, but we're back in England for the so-called summer, to see friends and family and to escape the intense heat of July and August. We're pretty hardy souls, and will stick with most plans, unless the weather is dangerous - say very high winds, or if there's a danger of flash flooding. I think it's built into the British DNA to cope with whatever the elements throw at us. In Spain, we have a reverse problem, as it can get so hot you have to alter plans to cope with the weather, but we generally make the best of any situation we find ourselves in. Life's too short to wait for the right weather, especially in the UK!
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
21 Aug 09
Did You get to see him on his "Too Old to Die Young" Tour or DVD? I got to the Dublin Show on his Ireland leg of the tour and it stuck in my mind..not sure if it's on the DVD! You're right about life being too short to wait for the right weather conditions,but it's a pain in the neck when the garden's like a jungle as it's always raining when I get time off!