What does your mind say, when you see something valuable on the road?

August 22, 2009 9:00am CST
There are many instances when we see money or some valuables like a gold chain,(very rarely) lying on the road. I have heard many saying I found a 50 rupee or a 100 rupee on the road. My son told me once that his friend saw a gold chain lying on the road, late at night when he was returning back from his work place in his two wheeler, he took it and sold it, as he was badly in need of money. What would you do if you found something on the street? Would you like to keep it for yourself, would you give it to the needy, or would you hand it over to the police?
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@divkris (1163)
• India
22 Aug 09
Hi Yogambal - this is a good discussion and hope to see what different people think. If i were the boy i would have given to the police or if it is just 100 rupees or 50 rupees note i would simply give it off to a beggar or a needy. It reminds me of a similar incident in my life that happened when i was 10-12 years old. My parent and i got into a bus and i found a few coins and a purse lying on the seat. I was tempted to take it but my mom said that we should give it to the needy and she donated it to a beggar in the next stop. I know another incident where my aunt got a phone (some copassenger left it) and she kept it :)
• India
28 Aug 09
Are you kidding! Or are you pulling your aunt's legs? Anyway, I would not probably keep something that is not mine. What if it has a timer and it explodes in my bag! Nowadays, you cant be sure. :(
• India
25 Aug 09
I have never found anything valubale till date on the roads but would never take and keep it. Even if i found something i would leave it as it is and walk away from it. If at all it was money i would pick it up and put in hundi of a temple nearby.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
24 Aug 09
This is a good discussion. If I find something which is not very expensive, I mean below 100 rupees, I will look at it and just leave the place. I will think a beggar or needy will take it. If it is expensive, I am sure that I will take it. When I was a kid, I used to get coins from roads and my mother forced me to give it away or leave it in our church's offering box.