Ever had a real estate transaction feel like a real invasion of privacy?

August 22, 2009 3:13pm CST
So far, in my lifetime (LOL), I have purchased three houses (and sold two, of course). It seems that, every time, there has been some real hassles brought on by the other party. For instance, my second house - I sold it to a young couple where the woman had grown up on that street and her parents still lived walking distance away. I didn't know them or anything but this couple couldn't WAIT to move in. They drove me INSANE. She was constantly phoning me, wanting to know if they could come in "just for a few minutes" and measure for curtains, measure to see if their furniture was going to fit, and stuff like that (I finally had to tell her she could wait until it was her house, not mine). Then, they kept calling my agent asking if the date could be moved up so they could move in sooner. Then, here's the kicker. I was self-employed and working from home and was also on a quasi "maternity leave" with my second child. So, I was home pretty much all the time. One day I was in the kitchen, feeding my daughter in her high chair when we were scared to death by booming sounds on my roof! I grabbed my child, went running out the patio door into the back yard and there was a guy up there. I shouted at him, "Can I HELP YOU?!" His head whipped around and he said, "OH! uhhhh I didn't think anyone was home." I told him to get off my roof immediately. He came down and "confessed" that he was a friend of the purchasers and he happened to be a contractor. They were thinking about changing the roof and had told him to go there during the day and check it out (thinking everyone would be at work). I told him to get off my property and to inform his "friends" that the house still belonged to me (we were still a couple of months from closing) and I STILL LIVED THERE! I said if they ever pulled a stunt like that again, I would pursue whatever means I could to stop the sale. I didn't even know if that was possible when I said it but I was so mad LOL I don't understand why some parties to the sale/purchase of a home cannot be respectful. I've never rushed anyone out of a home I was buying! It's still theirs to live in! Have you had any difficult experiences with the other party when buying or selling a home?
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