what seven deadly sin are you?

United States
August 24, 2009 3:03am CST
i'm would say i'm mostly envy i have a bad problem of that i need to work on that. so wicht one are you guys?
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• Philippines
24 Aug 09
Gluttony,i think because you only eat when it is sufficient for your stomach. too much is something not good. for you and your belly.. but it is sin because it's also in justice to those who are hungry where you can actually give food.
@vandana7 (68471)
• India
24 Aug 09
Gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. Oh! god. What a sinner I am! I love food. And can down so much while watching television. Luckily, I am scared of getting sick, so I try to restrict myself. Sloth - this is one I can never rid myself of. I am lazy to the core. Wrath - I used to be very very angry person. I spent quite sometime of my life analyzing what it was that made me so angry. Oftentimes, it was the attitude of others that led to it. So I did what I could since I cant control others. I moved away from such people. Today I am much calmer, less than 1/10th of my anger still remains with me. So we can definitely work on this, cant we. Envy - yeah, I felt it. I'd worked so hard, and somebody else was promoted. I felt insulted and envy. But now that I am no longer working, there are no comparisons, so the emotion is out of my life. Will it surface again? Dont know. May be, may be not. I hope I mature more with age, and put it well behind me. Pride, this is really bad one. I feel so proud of many things. I think I have the best parent in the world, best maid in the world, best house in the world (it is the shabbiest), best of many many things, and therefore, I am better than the rest. Hope god keeps it this way. :-)
@rakittera (803)
• Philippines
24 Aug 09
It depends on what type of day I'm having. Yesterday, I was gluttony. Today, I think I'm sloth.