WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS... on homeschooling?

August 25, 2009 4:04am CST
This is just of some interest to me because given the multitude of online resources out there it's actually easier nowadays for a parent to take a more direct stance with their children's education. What are your opinions on this, and if you're someone who have had actually employed it with their children, would you recommend it as an excellent education alternative?
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@MistyWood (349)
25 Aug 09
I am a teacher in a high school - and to be honest I feel that children suffer through homeschooling... Part of the school experience is to learn to socailise, to learn how to communicate, to learn how to be a part of society - how do they do this at home? I teach Chemistry - how will you do practical work at home? Surely you are limiting the subjects that your child can learn by doing this? I work in the UK and homeschooling is not really an option here - to be quite honest parents are prosecuted if their children don't attend school, unless of course there is a sensible reason. If a child has to be homeschooled the tutor is provided by the local education department and we then try to integrate the child back into mainstream education... slowly... Yes, there are lots of online resources, but do they really replace the teacher at the front of the class, who is an expert in their field, answering questions and passing on their enthuiasm for their subject... ???
• Philippines
25 Aug 09
The things that you've said are some of the arguments that were made against home schooling and I would like to address both. One of the assumptions is that home schooling doesn't provide opportunities for a child to hone his social skills; an assumption that holds water only if we believe that a child could only develop social skills in a school setting. For example, if we could foster a community environment in which the child is made mindful about his interactions not only with children but with adults as well, wouldn't that develop his social skills? And home schooling doesn't prevent a child from making friends with his neighbors right or with other students in extra-curricular activities right? Regarding teacher expertise, well I would say that nothing could replace an expert within his domain. If we believe that teachers *should* be the end-all of a child's education then it makes sense that the better the teacher, the better the child's learning. But if we could construct a way so that the child would be able to learn the topics all by himself? Also, it studying at home doesn't meant that you couldn't get the guidance of a teacher from time to time, or maybe you could also ask friends who are experts in their field. Quite a strange idea for sure, but interest and motivation that are intrinsic to the student are dimensions of learning that we sometimes forget to engage. Given these arguments, I believe that home schooling is a viable alternative, not so much for all children and not for all levels (I think I could only homeschool until primary 6 or before high school).
25 Aug 09
I understand where you are coming from... As I am a high school teacher - I hope that you can see that the arguements for specalist teaching certainly hold true at this level.
17 Sep 09
Homeschooling. I pretty much know about this 'thing'. First of all, 'homeschooling' simply means study at home, rather than study at one formal education provider. It's very effective for parents to monitor their children's education progress. But it's tough for children because he or she has nobody to socialise with. I don't recommend homsechooling afterall. A formal education provider is better, even if you can monitor directly the progress.
@Sherry12 (2475)
• United States
28 Aug 09
I think the children miss out on social skills when they are home schooled. I think in book learning they will learn as much if the parent is knowledgeable and willing to spend the time with them. I think it would take a lot of time and energy on the parents part.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
27 Aug 09
i think homeschooling is a viable was of education for students. There is cyberschool and looking at the list that is available for my client I would have loved to be a part of cyber school. The only issue I have is the social interaction students would miss with other students.
• Indonesia
25 Aug 09
I myself have a child. The plan for her is to go to school everyday and enjoy friendship. When she go there she'll have many friends. When she got homeschooling, it'll limit her steps, she have to be home and none social relation with anybody or her peers. She'll be a loner and an egoist person.