When people think negatively on you, what is your reaction?

August 25, 2009 4:55am CST
I have been here on Mylot for so many months and never did I receive an annoyance letter or somebody have spammed my mail because its just easy to delete a two or three message. But someone just replied to my mail asking me about the site I was promoting, i did just reply to her message on my post, so it wasn't a spam at all and yet she was thinking or maybe anticipating already that I would spam her mailbox. Are you a person who anticipate such negative thinking to others? In the first place I don't have time to send messages here, second, I won't get rich doing that too so why do people get so negative on other people. Do you treat a person the same way like you treat someone who spammed you?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
25 Aug 09
I can understand your sentiment on this matter. Based on the contents of your discussion, it can be said that she had over reacted. Or maybe what you wrote made her draw a conclusion that you were trying to spam her. Did she make a direct, and clear accusation? Ideally a person should be treated as an individual, and not painted with the same colours as those who did wrong. Being cautious is commendable. Being paranoid will only work against us in the future. This sums up my answer to your last question.
@shibham (17022)
• India
25 Aug 09
Hi there, she might have already spammed by someone so she has a suspicious look. But it is not fare that she did it. She has no right to suspect every one for this( if that is the cause) anyway in my case i generally overlook it. Who cares?
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
25 Aug 09
I think it depends on what actually that people think about. If it is a bad thinking which i never did, then it will be a libel. I think no one can toleranting such condition. We all hate libel. But if people is thinking about some bad things which we ever did, then i think that is a social sanction. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@srganesh (6348)
• India
25 Aug 09
She might have some bitter experiences previously and so she is having a suspicious eye on you too.You can't avoid it.Just try to assure her in a private message that you will not do so and ask her to calm down.It is all in our way of approach,how we retain friends here.Cheers!
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
25 Aug 09
I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, unless they give me reason to think otherwise. I know spamming is a problem on here, but the positive way to deal with it is to report the spammer, not assume everyone is a spammer in waiting. Most of the people on here are here for the discussions and friendship, but when the spammers are active it annoys people and they discuss it, which makes it appear a bigger problem than it is.