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August 25, 2009 11:30am CST
I've noticed that as we get older our birthdays become less important to us and those around us. Sure people say "happy birthday" but it seems pretty empty. What does "happy birthday" mean anyways? When I say happy birthday to someone what special connotation does it portray? Honestly it's something I just say in realizing it's someones birthday or when I make it a special point to call on their special day. Why is the day considered special still when even the phrase happy birthday has gotten so empty? I turned 43 yesterday. I planned on making a cake to make it special especially for my 3 year old because birthdays really are still important to him. Though He thought it was really his birthday (so cute). My husband did a wonderful job of making it a really special birthday for me though. He first bought a freezer load of easy to cook meats. That's not a huge thing for most people my age but he truly understands my loathing of cooking. All these meats are pre-seasoned and can be just thrown in the pan and perfect!! He then went grocery shopping and brought home a precooked meal and a cake. He bought a cute card and had our 3 year old sign it with him. Last of all he bought me a pretty potted plant. He doesn't get me bouquets but rather full potted plants that I can enjoy for much longer. He doesn't buy candy because I'm forever trying to lose weight and hate the temptation of yummy candies. He also gave me money to go buy myself some clothes. I think I'll do that tonight all alone when he gets home from work then change and doll myself up for this special man in my life.
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25 Aug 09
Well my birthday is coming up and since i also just graduated from college we are going to be going to Disney World and I'm excited to be spending it with my parents and a friend of mine. I think celebrating your birthday is important but doing something small can mean the biggest thing to someone. My birthday dinner will be celebrated at a ESPN club in Orlando at a Hotel which will be a lot of fun as the Florida Gators play the night of my birthday so we will be hopefully watching that and enjoying that game. Of course it isn't anything big but something to enjoy and remember.
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25 Aug 09
Happy Birthday
@wolf2999 (213)
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4 Sep 09
Happy birthday to you.I nerver been Disney World.I Look forward to it.