Smokers: Do you smoke in your bedroom?

@breepeace (3028)
August 25, 2009 4:02pm CST
This year it will have been 12 years since I started smoking. I used to smoke in my bedroom for the first 7 of those years, but in the past few years I've never smoked smoked in my bedroom. My parents both smoke in their room at their house, and I hate sleeping in their room since it always smells musty and dirty, even though by all other accounts, their room is always very neat and clean. I hate the smell of stale cigarette smoke first thing in the morning, and I noticed that it's really difficult to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a mattress and duvets. I've aired them, steam cleaned the mattress, sprayed room spray and air freshener on them but even after 3 years, it still smells faintly. I don't think I'll ever smoke in my bedroom again, and I've never allowed anyone else to, either. So what about the rest of the smokers on MyLot. Do you smoke in your bedroom? Or is it strictly a smoke-free zone, like mine?