Is Being An Emotional Person Bad?

August 25, 2009 9:42pm CST
Somebody on Mylot accused me of being an emotional person. I stopped for a while to think, if that was bad, to be emotional. Emotions like anger,love, ,jealousy,desires,greed, affections etc are found mostly in human beings. May be animals have emotions too, i dont know. Now if someone is emotional, it means he is expressing his feelings, either negatively or positvely. A person who doesnt react to any situation is less of a human being and more of an animal. Tiger's dont pity for killing its prey. If a man remains silent and stoic to abuses, insults, jealousy, arrogance etc etc, then that man is either a man with no self respect or one who is willing to trade his honour and dignity for anything. Mylotters plz comment, Is being an emotional person, either men or women, a bad quality to possess?