How di you like to bake the chicken the best?

@mermaidivy (15415)
United States
August 26, 2009 7:45am CST
I'm going to prepared a baked chicken for dinner tonight, I wonder what is your favourite way to bake a whole chicken? I prepared a honey garlic chicken - I squueshed the garlic, put them on the chicken, add flavors on it - cooking wine, soya sauce, little bit of salt and sugar, put it back into the fridge for couple hours until I cook them. Use a foil to wrap it up when I bake it, brush honey on it when it is 75% done! It is my favourite way to bake a chicken, great to have it with steamed rice as well! Sometimes I like to use herd to make it but it still doesn't beat the honey garlic one! So what's your favourite to cook a chicken, let's share!
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@marguicha (104383)
• Chile
4 Sep 09
I salt and pepper the bird. In the baking dish I put quartered small onions, quartered peeled greed apples. I put the chicken there and add a lot of butter. Every once in a while, I open the oven and pour the liquid over the chicken and the veggies. I like my chicken with the skin roasted to a crust. I serve it with rice (I like mine fried with garlic) or mashed potatoes (homemade). I have a little electric oven that is just enough for a chicken. I like it specially because I don´t have to bend my back to see it while it´s baking. I love it this way because if you have leftovers they can be turned into a lot of different things. Happy posting!!!
@deejean06 (1953)
• United States
28 Aug 09
Hi mermaid...That is one awesome chicken recipe you just shared! I might just have to try that at home for my husband! Thank you very much!
@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
In my country we have our own way of cooking the whole chicken. Unique and simple one. Clean the whole dressed chicken, prepare a big square tin can, put lots of salt at the bottom and on top on it is the chicken, blaze the tin can for 20 minutes. The chicken would be cooked on its own juice and oil and salt on it that's all and that's all until it would be cooked and ready to eat. I guarantee, it would be such a natural delicious of a whole chicken. That's the simplest way of cooking chicken and yet so juicy and so delicious... I feel hungry already, mind you...
@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
26 Aug 09
Hi Ivy, a like to make just a roast chicken with roasted garlic and shallot in the tray with it but that's hardly unusual, so I'll give you the Greek way. Brown the chicken a little in oil and then pop in the baking tray surrounded by chopped potatoes and halved lemon, extra lemon juice goes over the top, and some water around the chicken. Then just bake. Add as many lemons as you like for taste. Thea