@h8739182 (448)
August 26, 2009 11:59am CST
Hello Everyone, I have reached the minimum payout of 1 USD at donkey mails and i have requested my payment. It is been 3 days and the request is still in pending state. How much time it took you to get paid from donkey mails? Do let me know. Thanks and take care.
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@Fracker (177)
• Pakistan
26 Aug 09
It is very hard to reach 1 USD mark. I am being using Donkey mail from a yr or so, havent reached that mark yet.. you are quite lucky to get it,,, they will pay you soon.. don't worry.
@jane239 (521)
26 Aug 09
It usually take around 14 days. I was a a member a few years ago and always got paid and I've recently rejoined and have just cashed out and I am waiting for it to be processed. It's a reliable site so there's nothing to worry about.
• Malaysia
27 Aug 09
Donkeymails is a legit site but payments are a little slow. They are good sites with many earning areas. Stick with them coz thy are good except they pay very little and it takes a long while to reach minimum.
@myl999 (2093)
• India
26 Aug 09
Hey please do not worry the donkeys are too good and never deny a payment request I have already got 4 pay outs but sometime it takes time because they do pay on some dates or something I have not cared because I know I will be paid once I request so all the time I request and sit to receive the payment and each time I have got my please allow them some time if there is some problem..and it is 100% you will get your payment...
@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
26 Aug 09
Ive recieved payput twice from donkey mails, and they for sure will pay you. If you requested payments just after they made thier last payments it can take 10-14 days, since as mentioned above they only make 2 massive payments twice a month, so every aprox 15 days.
@taztheone (1726)
• India
26 Aug 09
Donkeymails makes payouts Twice a month (every 15days), so you will get you payments soon. Don't worry, Donkey mails is one of the Most Trusted GPT Sites online