Baptism Regulations/ Catholic Teachings

August 27, 2009 3:01am CST
I have always been torn by different baptism teachings. Some say Baptism save, others say it doesn't do anything at all. Some believe in Infant Baptism and others believe you have to be a certain age to get baptized. I believe that Baptism indeed does NOT save. I believe that as believers we should want to be baptized. As for when we should get baptized: In the bible it states in many verses that it says Believe and then be Baptized. I don't know about you, but I couldn't really believe when I was 2 days old! Any questions/ comments would be great!
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• United States
1 Sep 09
Yes, I think I am along the same lines as you - I was dedicated as a child, which mean't my parents committed in front of our church to bring me up and teach me about God, and gave thanks for my birth, and the church had the opportunity to say that they would support my parents and me. This did not MAKE me a Christian, 'save' me or whatever. What I believe is that the decision to follow my faith was one I had to make myself, either way, when I was old to enough to understand. I don't think your parents or the church can choose your core beliefs for the rest of your life as a baby. It needs to be your own choice. I was not actually baptised until I was nineteen - baptism by immersion in water, and what it mean't to me then was an outward expression of my faith, witnessing before people what I believed and where my life was committed. Again, it did not make me a Christian in itself, I had made that decision previously, it was just a demonstration of what this commitment means and also to follow the example of Jesus, who was baptised himself. Interesting choice of topic, thanks!