Is there any hope for this?

August 27, 2009 7:33am CST
Here in the Philippines, there are a number of population that are unemployed. most of them are undergraduate of their college studies or their high school studies. Some of them are graduates but weren't able to find a job that fits them so they classify themselves as unemployed. Is there any hope for this problem? Are we going to take this for granted?Or are we going to take some action for this..for me, There is always a solution for every problem in this world. Unemployment is a major problem. We are not going to let ourselves into poverty and we are not going to let ourselves die in hunger, right?For me, I guess the solution for this is to seek some help from our friends or relatives who,we think, are employed and have some of their earnings for us to seek job and pay them in return as soon as we have already a job. Or seek help again for us to up a small business and be responsible and hardworking for it to grow and pay them again in return. or if you have a computer and have an internet at home, you can be a full time blogger and have money on your own. so that unemployment won't be a problem anymore, just be hard working and be resourceful on our own. Now I can say there is still a hope for this.
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
30 Aug 09
I believe there's still hope. If people become more hardworking and patient, then I know success is on the way. Always swallow your pride, it will get you nowhere. Also, always pray to God and always remember to thank Him for each Blessing you receive.
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
29 Aug 09
It is a shame that many people are unemployed in the Philippines. I think doing temporary work can lead to some money and prospects for getting a full time job later. A person could do work on the Internet on sites like wonderful My Lot. Starting a small business could be a possibility. It might be worth doing some extra training for a job there are a lack of qualified people for. Typing and knowing about computers can be great in an office environment. Looking after kids a lady might become a child minder. A person could sell things on E Bay.
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
I think one of the main problems of the Filipino now a days is lack of Entrepreneurial Mentality or livelihood plans. most people still believe that by having a job it makes more stable in earning money starting a business.although most filipinos even with low salary are satisfied because they have a lot of things to thank for..there's still hope, we just don't give up on it.