Have you ever written a novel before?

@Citychic (4078)
United States
August 27, 2009 12:16pm CST
Hi friends, juts wanted to know if you've ever written a novel. It seems like something that most people want to do. So I'd like to ask have written one and if so where did you start? Did you write it from your heart and personal experiences or did you do a lot of research first and then start? Waiting to hear from you. All responses are appreciated.
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@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
9 Oct 12
Written a novel i think almost the same with written kids story.I've ever write about simple kids story but not published.Just for my kids.First you have to describe what's your novel about,who's the reader,and where's the scenario place.Divide your story in each chapter.You can decide your novel to be continued or not.The important think that i heard from my teacher is don't push your self to write if your idea still in blank.When you have no idea or in bad mood,just relax, take a rest.Idea will come up after you're feel fresh.
• United States
27 Aug 09
I have written several short stories, nothing that has gone past me and some friends, however I am researching information now to put something together that has been kind of in my mind now for a couple months and has really been tempting me with putting it down on paper. Unfortunately I have been so busy with life/kids/house etc... that my time is limited to put in on the computer, or even just sit and write down things on paper...but I have a notebook that I put notes in and keep track of and the story keeps building --I hope to put time in after my son goes back to work and really focus on it... and then go from there and see if I can get it published...that is my goal anyway. happy mylotting!!
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
27 Aug 09
I've actually been working on a novel for several years now. How I started it was just an idea that I had, something that I imagined. Being that what I am working on is a fiction book, I didn't find the need for there to be any research involved in the writing of it. It's not something that I work on constantly, but more something that I work on when I have the inspiration. I write first on notebook paper and then transcribe it to the computer as a sort of first edit. Then as I get further along, I will reread and edit again.
@psphacker (1055)
• United States
27 Aug 09
No I have never written a novel before.